Hearts & Things

- 1000 Little Squares -

I have musical synesthesia. When I hear music, I see a dynamic visual set of colors and textures that reflect elements of a song. It changes based on how much I know about the song and my mood, but some are more consistent than others.

Embarking on a long-term project to paint 1000 songs!

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1: "Shut Up"
Greyson Chance
2: "For The Love"
Hearts & Colors
3: "While You Count Sheep"
Jon Bellion
4: "Glimmer"
Marianas Trench
5: "We All Need A Friend"
Julian Calor
6: "Beggar's Song"
Matt Maeson
7: "Starboy"
The Weeknd
8: "Flashing Lights"
Kanye West
9: "Sleeping To Dream"
Jason Mraz
10: "Birthplace"
Novo Amor
11: "Top of the World"
12: "Death"
Made In Heights
13: "Shape of You:
Ed Sheeran
14: "If I Die Young"
The Band Perry
15: "Indecision"
16: "Titanium"
David Guetta ft. Sia
17: "Sinner"
Francis Novotny, Keynes Woods
18: "Freedom"
19: "RISE"League of Legends, The Glitch Mob
20: "A Final Word"
Ed Prosek
21: "Little Bit of You"
Kevin Garrett
22: "Delicate"Taylor Swift
23: "Best Day of My Life:
American Authors


Q: What is synesthesia?
A: Synesthesia is a neuro-cognitive phenomenon in which senses are linked in certain individuals, in that one will automatically evoke another. I think of it as a cross-wiring of senses. There are many types, and they manifest with varying degrees of intensity.

Q: Do you have other types of synesthesia?
A: Yes, I also have grapheme-color synesthesia (I see colors with letters and numbers) and spatial-sequence synesthesia (my alphabet, number lines, and calendars all have specific 3-D patterns/maps in my head).

Q: So you're a mutant?
A: Yes ;)

Q: Does it help you memorize things?
A: Sadly, no - it interferes much more than it helps, in terms of memorization, because my associations are already set. But it doesn't interfere with my daily life, rather enhances it.

Q: Is this what you actually see?
A: Yes, ish. It's more dynamic in my head, and I pick and choose elements to paint as a general overview of what I like or what stands out the strongest. It's hard to articulate, and even harder to have the skill to paint accurately.

Q: Why do you suck at painting?
A: I have limited time to practice, I didn't grow up painting, and this is the best I've got right now. :(