Hearts & Things

- Letters 'n' Bottles -

So, background: I really love glass bottles. And I also really love letters. (The handwritten kind are the best! If you ever want to gain a billion brownie points with me, please send me one. I would be ECSTATIC.)

Anyway, I started this project a while ago - I began writing letters to strangers, stuffing them into bottles along with a $5 bill, and leaving them around so people could pick them up. My goal was to make someone's day and spread a little happiness.

I left contact information in the letters, more for my curiosity's sake, and the responses that I did end up getting were positive and made me really happy. One couple found a bottle, and they donated the $5. Another person picked up a bottle and used the money to help buy groceries for his mother.

Not sure where this project's going to go or how it's going to evolve (I've learned to just start, and let the logistics build from there), but I'm hoping to just make a positive impact somewhere. Do you ever get those impulses? Where you just have to do something? This happens a lot to me, and things like this project pop out. Weird, sure, but hopefully it does net good in the world. <3

Note: I realize $5 is not very much, and that there's a lot of holes in this project, but I'm trying! I know that in my darkest days, the littlest things can sometimes make the biggest impact, so I try in my own ways to do good where I can. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. :)